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2011 group picture on the Colorado Belle steps after the Thursday night banquet.
2011 Group
There are seven columns, starting from the left and names reading bottom to top.

The four Marines: Cpl Kim Solarik, Sgt Brian Washington , Cpl Noah Brown & Cpl Jake Thibodeau

Col 1: Glenn Turley, Frank Barbosa, Dale Clark, Larry South, Jean Gonneville & Jim Parrot.

Col 2: Behind Cpl Solarik, Mike LaRusso, Charley Chase adjusting his hat, Dave Danford, Rick Brohmer, Bill Timmreck & Frank Trejo.

Col 3: Behind Sgt Williams, Errol Ortego, Ed Steuber, Lennis Larson, Glenn Richards and above rt Almus Dean.

Col 4: Behind Cpl Chavez, Mike Amtower, Bob Martinson & E.K. Cannon.

Col 5: To rt of Cpl Thibodeau, Jim Batt, Joe Rossi, Bill Cowperthwait, Carl Damon, Skip Burns, unk in black hat, Gary Bisplinghoff, & Bill Keller.

Col 6: unk Belle employee, Dale Gibson, Doug Hagen, Steve Pollard, Brook Stevenson.

Col 7: Fred Widder, Paul Bulman, Damian Knight & Steve Maxwell.

All of you out there, please help me with the unknowns..

- photo courtesy of Larry South
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