Naval Aviator's Wings and Combat Aircrew Wings
     Reunion Info
        2008 Photo #1
Reunion2008: Washington DC. This is the National Museum of the Marine Corps dinner group.
463 NMMC Dinner group
From the left: (I need help with the "unknowns") Glenn Turley, Marsha & Jim Shelton, Jan & Mike Amtower, Gene Baker & wife, Bert & Charley Block, Bob Wemheuer, Gen Rick Phillips, William, Bill & Tom Cowperthwait, Jeff Estep & wife, Loretta & Buzz Busby, Jackie & Jerry McLees, Unk in USMC cap, Barbara & Rae Scott, Paul Bauer & wife, Bob & Deb Martinson, Linda Motz btw Doug & Sue Raupp, Tom & Sandy Cannon, Linda Phillips, Jack & Linda Lane, Dawn Freeman.
- photo courtesy of Mike Amtower
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