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HMH-463, Reunion 2007 Laughlin, Nevada - Phone Card update.

To All Hands from the Reunion,
(scroll down for more & pics)
"Grabowski Capt Matthew J(ACE HMH-361 S-1)"
To: "Dale Gibson"
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 10:09 AM
Subject: RE: Phone Cards

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Sorry I didn't respond sooner.  The phone cards were a huge hit.
Everyone thought they were an awesome gift.  Thank you for your extreme generosity.
Life out here doesn't slow down for anything - holidays and New Years
included.  My emails sometimes get put off until I can spare a minute,
so again, I apologize.  But please know that your donation brought some
holiday joy into what would normally be just another work-day on deployment.

Thanks again.  And Semper Fi.
Capt Grabowski

(pics will be linked below, when they come.) 
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