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HMH-463, Reunion 2007 Laughlin, Nevada - Phone Card update.

To All Hands from the Reunion,
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As you know there was the money from the Color Guard expenses that was not spent.  Of the choices available it appeared unanimous that money be used to buy phone cards for Marines overseas.  Seemed pretty simple at the time, but turned out to be a bit of a problem.  I finally contacted a Capt. Woodruf, at Miramar, who put me in contact with Capt Grabowski, the S-1 officer, of HMH-361.  Capt. Grabowski said that the troops could use a line to State Side free, but then would need the card from there to call a State Side number.  That meant that any domestic card would work.  With that I purchased 60 minute phone cards (450 of them). The last of the 450 cards went out yesterday and should be in the troops hands by 10 Dec. at the latest.  He is going to distribute them starting with the lowest rank up thru the squadron and to the grunts that have to go out into the ville and who guard the base.  By the way HMH-361 is in Iraq at this time. I hope that meets our goal for the money.
There is one slight problem that has to be taken care of.  I still have approximately $150.00 left in the Color Guard kitty.  My thought was to buy more phone cards with that money for the troops at Bethesda Hospital.  The $150.00 is enough to by 75 more cards.  I talked to Col. John Cipparone USMC Ret., who lives about a hour away.  John said he would be honored to deliver and hand out the cards to troops that will not be able to go home for Christmas.  If you tell me to spend the leftover money this way, I can have the cards shipped directly to him to save time getting them to their final destination.

I need to have your decisions no later than the end of the week. That will be pressing it a bit, but we should be able to meet the Christmas dead line.

The above was done. Everyone gave the "go-ahead".

God Bless and Merry Christmas.
Dale (Hoot) Gibson

Got a short e-mail from Capt. Grabowski and he is going to take a few photos of the troops so they can be posted on the web page. Just his way of saying thanks.
When I get them I will send them on to you.  The first batch of phone cards should be getting there in the next couple of days. Post Office said 5 to 10 days and that is what the Capt. also said.  The first ones went out Thursday and the last Saturday.  All should be there by the 10th.
(pics will be linked below, when they come.) 
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