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Onboard the USS Inchon: 12 March 1973
HMH-463 Crew on Float
The HMH-463 crew of the first Airborne Mine CounterMeasures (AMCM) mission flown in Haiphong Harbor stands in front of YH-9 aboard the USS Inchon during Operation Endsweep.  From left to right are: Marine 1; 1stLt Steve Vaughn, Co-pilot; Cpl. John "Wojo" Wojtunecki (Crew/Chief of YH-9); Sgt R. D. Brookins, AMCM systems operator; and LtCol John Van Nortwick III, pilot (HMH-463's CO).  Included in this group is Sgt. Mitchell Troescher..
- photo courtesy of R.D.Brookins
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