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Quang Tri, January 1967
This photo was taken of Detatchment A prior to the first flights in-country.  Notice that the aircraft is cherry by the fact that it has no exhaust discoloration and all the windows are still on aboard.
Beeler's Bombers
Standing (l to r): Mr. Dubler (Sikorsky Rep), Maj. Jim Shelton (Assist. Father
of the CH-53), Maj. Farris, Maj. Wasko, Maj. Busby,
LtCol. Beeler (CO), Maj. Edwards, Capt. Rick Phillips,
Mr. Carl Bloom (the Father of the CH-53), Capt. Ben Collins,
1Lt. Huss, and 1Lt. May. 
Third row (l to r): SSgt. King, Sgt. Ozborn, Cpl. Hollis, Sgt. Cole, Sgt. Widder,
Cpl. Beedle, GySgt. Dilly, Sgt. Kinnamon, Cpl. Ford. 
Second row (l to r): Sgt. Campbell, Sgt. Warner, Sgt. Zirrilli, Sgt. Mathus,
Cpl. Baxter, GySgt. Koeing, Cpl. Cosgrove, Cpl. Godwin,
Sgt Henry, Sgt. Deleon, SSgt. Pai. 
Front row (l to r): Sgt. Williams, Sgt. "Chico" Sauceda, Cpl. Baufman, Sgt. McCombs, SSgt. Mancha, Sgt LeRoy Barcelon, Cpl. Lomilino,
Cpl. Bauer, Cpl. Jamison, SSgt Benton, Sgt. Parrott. 

Thanks to C.E. Perkins and M. Dickerson for their help in identifying these HMH-463 Marines.
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