BuNo 156670

Killed in Action on 30 Oct 1970
  Sergeant Bruce Alan McNeil CrewChief
Mission Information:
Sgt. Bruce McNeil was killed during HMH 463's heroic efforts in saving many South Vietnamese civilians in a village outside DaNang that was immersed in flood waters during the monsoon season. Bruce McNeal was swept out the cargo ramp by raging flood waters as he was rescuing drowning villagers. HMH 463 was later awarded the Vietnamese Cross Of Gallantry for these rescue missions which was personally presented to HMH 463's commanding officer by the President of the Republic of South Vietnam, President Thieu. Thanks to Sgt. McNeal's supreme sacrifice, many civilian lives were saved and veterans of HMH 463 proudly claim their right to wear the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry."


Remembrances about this Marine:
Bruce McNeil was twenty-one years old and from Metairie, Louisiana.
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