Air Mission
in Hot LZ

Killed in Action on 27 MAR 1970
  Corporal Norman Earl Little CrewChief
Mission Information:

Comments: Cpl. Norman E. Little was a CH-53D CrewChief with HMH-463.  He was shot in head in a Landing Zone by a sniper and was listed incorrectly as a ground casualty.  Submitted by Steve Culver, fellow CrewChief HMH-463


Remembrances about this Marine:
Norm "Ted" Little was twenty-two years old and from San Angelo, Texas.
We welcome relevant remarks and/or photos of our squadron-mate who were killed in the above action.   We also welcome your comments on the above incident.  Please contact HMH-463's Webmaster  with your name; relationship to our squadron-mate or the action above; and your contact information.
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