Ground Action
Marble Mountain
     Air Facility     

Killed in Action on 12 MAY 1968
  Corporal Edward Joseph Ruvolis Avionics
Incident Information:
Killed on the HMH-463 flightline of Marble Mountain Air Facility during a mortar attach.


Remembrances about this Marine:
Ed Ruvolis, HMH-463 Avionics, KIA 12 May 1968
Ed Ruvolis was married, twenty-three years old and from Washington, New Jersey and had just eight days left on his Vietnam tour.

Remembrance:  On the night of 12-May-1968, Ed was working night crew at the HMH-463 hanger.  We were within a week or two of heading home and Ed had the misfortune to be the last Marine we lost during our 13 months at MMAF.

It was really a fluke that Ed was lost.  He was working inside a very tight revetment on the North West corner outside the 463 hanger.  I say tight, because it was not the larger size CH-53 type revetment further out on the flightline.  It was also a fluke mainly because it was an unusually light mortar attack that night.  Normally we got hit with numerous 122 mm and 140 mm rockets.  In this case only one mortar round landed inside the revetment next to the 53.  If Ed had been in the cockpit or on the other side of the 53, he would still be with us.

The best thing I remember about Ed was his consistent upbeat and cheerful good nature.  This can be seen in the above picture.  He always had that little grin and a jolly laugh.   Submitted by Mike Amtower, former Sergeant.

A Memorial Page for Ed Ruvolis
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